Sheet Music – Lag jaa Gale (Woh Kaun Thi)

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Sheet Music – Lag jaa Gale (Woh Kaun Thi)

Publisher: Abysm Books

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The Sheet Music Score represents music notations written in 2 formats primarily.

  1. Tablature Notations (aka Tabs).
  2. Staff Notations.

And additionally chords will be also available.

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Most noteworthy part is that this Sheet Music / transcription / Notation / Notes book is for both students / learners, teachers, musicians / artists who wants to master Lag jaa Gale song on Guitar / Keyboard / Piano / Violin / Flute or on any relative instrument in a precise, better and accurate manner.

About the Composition

Furthermore, the popular song Lag jaa Gale (Hindi: लग जा गले; lit. Embrace me) is from the Bollywood movie Woh Kaun Thi. Which is a 1964 Indian Hindi-language psychological mystery film. Directed by Raj Khosla, starring Sadhana Shivdasani, Manoj Kumar and Prem Chopra. Produced by NN Sippi, MA Madhu. Written by Dhruva chatterjee. Music by Madan Mohan was the asset of this movie. Sung by playback singer Lata Mangeshkar. Lyrics by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. The music is set in Raga Pahadi. The song is an example of Dadra songs.

लग जा गले कि फिर ये हसीं रात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो
हमको मिली हैं आज ये घड़ियाँ नसीब से
जी भर के देख लीजिये हमको करीब से
फिर आपके नसीब में ये बात हो न हो

पास आइये कि हम नहीं आएंगे बार-बार
बाहें गले में डाल के हम रो लें ज़ार-ज़ार
आँखों से फिर ये प्यार की बरसात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो

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Note: Please note that the Notations/Transcriptions covers the lyrical part of the song only and not the orchestral part. However some tunes may also provide you with musical part as well.


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