AbysmBooks.com is India’s First dedicated Sheet Music & Books store. A Unique publication start-up that Provides Music Notations towards the welfare of Music Students, Teachers & Artists’ Fraternity.

With customers from more than 200 cities from its initiation (Feb 2018), AbysmBooks.com now has more than 10,000 music members both nationally and globally.

The mission is to empower, equip and support Artists, Teachers, and Students in their musical journey.

Whether you are looking for technical music books, music notes (guitar, piano etc) of any song or even ragas on guitar, piano etc then this is the place for you.

 Founder, Kapil Srivastava

With AbysmBooks.com we want to support and benefit millions of music teachers, students, and performing artists worldwide. AbysmBooks is also projected to release more than 5000 products by the end of year and will be made available for application to the music community worldwide.