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About Sheet music

Sheet Music (aka Transcription Booklets) represent music notations of the composition/song/etude/piece written in 2 notations primarily:

  1. Indian / Modern Notation (C,D,E)
  2. Tablature Notations (aka Tabs)

And additionally chords will be also available.

Who is this sheet music book for?

This book is for both student & teacher who is looking for notations of pertaining composition and want to master & play it on guitar or any other relative instrument. These notations technically polish the music aspirant with the right knowledge of notes (sur) in a song.  In other words, it is a way to make you play composition in a well defined manner.

Be it any genre/Style Indian Classical, Western, Bollywood, Devotional, Ragas, Classical Guitar. Both Practicing Musician/learner and Teacher can get benefited from it.

If you seek any particular song/composition sheet music notations which is not here and should be here then email us at Our Professional Musician transcribers will try their best to include it in the catalog.

Note: Please note that the Notations/Transcriptions covers the lyrical part of the song only and not the orchestral part. However some tunes may also provide you with musical part as well.