Sheet Music - Raga Bihag

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Sheet Music - Raga Bihag
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Sheet Music – Raga Bihag

Publisher: Abysm Books

The Sheet Music represents music notations written in 2 notations primarily:

  1. Tablature Notations (aka Tabs)
  2. Staff Notations

Who is this transcription book for?

This Notations book is both for student/learner & teacher who wants to master Raga Bihag on Guitar/Keyboard or on any instrument in an accurate manner.

About the Raga

Bihag is played in the night (second quarter of night). The mood of the raag is celebratory as well as romantic, making it a common raag sung especially on occasions of marriage. The real origin can be traced back to pure classical raagas widely prevalent in the 16th century, and in many folk songs in the Vaishnava period (14th-18th century). It is used in many songs of Tagore and in various Bengali and north Indian compositions.

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