Guitar Arpeggios Exercises Book - Level - I, II, III

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Guitar Arpeggios Exercises Book - Level - I, II, III
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Guitar Arpeggios Exercises Book – Level – I, II, III

Authored – Kapil Srivastava | Publisher : Abysm Books

Available in 3 Formats: Level  – I , II , III | Pages: 20

About the Book

Learn the Art and Technique of Playing Guitar Arpeggios. A beautiful Ornamentation, Accompaniment Method on Guitar for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. This is an exercise book for guitarists who want to master, showcase, ornament, & add-on to their play-ability to master arpeggios / broken chords on guitar.

An exercise book containing 10 diversified exercises in each level. All these are scientifically planned to get something new and challenging for fingers dexterity in every step.

It also focuses on skill of arpeggio development (also called as liquid chords) and playing with reference audios. It is to be practiced and developed in mentioned tempos. This is a recommended for all types of guitar players be it beginners, intermediate or advanced level to know this art.

There are 3 Books under Guitar Arpeggios you can choose from:

  1. Level 1 (L1) Book for Beginners
  2. L2 (Level 2) Book for Intermediate
  3. Level 3 (L3) Book for Advanced

You can also refer to the example video to know How Arpeggios sound in different octaves, what exactly it is and the importance of it in your guitar playing?

NOTE – This book is neither a reference book nor guide but a master session. It is focused only on mentioned specific technique and exercises. It’s a master session, a course, technique session (comprises of exercises with audios) for you to practice.

If you are a beginner guitarist and looking for holistic information on guitar, you need to go for ‘RUDIMENTS OF GUITAR‘ book and complete that first. We recommend you rudiment book before having this master session.

Guitar Arpeggios book offers –

  • Exercises in Tabs/Staff for the particular technique only
  • Audios of related exercises, for reference, will be emailed to you post receiving of the book by you, for you to download
  • Philosophy of the particular technique what and why

Who is it for? – This Technique Book is beneficial for

  • Students who want to develop this technique and practice related exercises
  • Teachers who want to have this exercise course, develop and teach their students

Disclaimer – The information mentioned in this book is not a substitute of teacher / teaching session

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